Don’t Believe The Hype…

all these facial products like clay masks/umpteen skin “rejeuvenating” creams etc: it’s a swizz!

The only way to get rid of lines and wrinkles is chemical peeling. Or laser. Or botox. Or full on actual plastic surgery.

And there it is…



I Will Not Be Pushed Filed Stamped Indexed Briefed De-Briefed or NUMBERED!!!!! My Life is my own!

An homage to #NumberSiX from #ThePrisoner.

Fed up with Nuisance calls, crap politicians, Crap Scriptwriters on the only “Soap” Opera I listen to. (#TheArchers)

And tonight I was reminded rather heavily of my favourite telly prog, #ThePrisoner.

That’s all really.!/search/song?q=Albert+Elms+Engadine%27s+Dreamy+Party Bloody brilliant tune btw.

On wheelchairs: “It’s rude to stare”.

Hello everyone.

I have parasthesia and neuropathy in my feet which has been so bad in recent weeks it has meant I have had to be pushed in a wheelchair. It amazes me in this “p.c” age that adults STILL look pityingly at one, and children are not disallowed from staring really openly. The ones in pushchairs are the worst, the ones old enough to realise that you oughtn’t to BE in a “pushchair” at “your age”.  They’re at eye level you see.  And stare away. Yesterday one such kid, staring right at me. Me: “It’s rude to stare”. Kid: turns away terrified and clings to mum.

That’ll teach you.

In sum,  ADULTS: don’t stare at people in wheelchairs, just treat them as you would someone at YOUR eye level. And discourage your kids from doing similar.  Even if the person appears to be young and able bodied, you have no idea what’s going on inside their body. Staring/ pitying is patronising and makes one uncomfortable.

One woman. Taking on the world. Armed with a polystyrene blunderbuss.